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Sue C. - "My daughter, who is now 14 was developing scoliosis around age 10. When she was in the 5th grade, the curve in her spine was visible and her shoulders and hips were uneven. Dr. Wells started adjusting her regularly, as well as fitting her for orthotics (as she was pronating). Now, after years of consistent care, my daughter is out of the 'danger zone'. Her posture is nice and straight, her spine is looking great, and her shoulders and hips are close to even! Getting this expert care while she is growing will give her a stronger, well-adjusted body for the rest of her life. Thank you, Dr. Wells!"

Remington Chiro | Maria B. TestimonialMaria B. - "The fact that I am back to doing most all of the activities I did before my injury, is due in large part to the wonderful care I have received from Dr. Wells. I look forward to completing my recovery and continuing a maintenance plan that will help me reach new heights in physical fitness and overall health and wellness."

Pierre S. -
"After a ski injury 10 years back, I have been suffering from back pain on and off every few months. The last event was so bad that I could not stand up and walk properly anymore. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Wells and I had my first appointment few weeks back. At the time, I did not have great hopes on chiropractic but I am happy to report that I was really wrong! Dr. Wells is great. She cares about patients, wants to understand the full medical history before adjusting, and has wonderful skills as my back pains are now almost gone. Along with Maria's set of physical exercises that make me work on my core muscles, I feel I am finally on a path to a healthier lifestyle, away from my old pains. I will definitely recommend Dr. Wells and her team as my experience so far has been outstanding!"


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