Remington Chiropractic | ChiropracticDr. Wells utilizes a variety of chiropractic adjustive techniques and procedures and will choose those that she believes will work best for your individual needs. Just about anyone can be adjusted, from infants to seniors, and even those who have had prior back surgery.

Chiropractic adjustments are targeted to address your condition, using the least amount of force possible. They are safe, gentle, and comfortable. The adjustment is a quick, precise push delivered at the joints of the spine or extremities that stimulates sensory nerve endings, thus enhancing communication between your brain and your body. The result is reduced pain, relaxed muscles, and normal movement patterns.

Chiropractic adjustments are the foundation of your treatment. Everything else supports and enhances the corrective effects of the adjustment.

Research shows that patients who receive both chiropractic adjustments and exercise training achieve better results than patients who receive only one or the other. Depending on your individual situation, Dr. Wells may recommend exercise training, RockTape, and/or custom foot orthotics to additionally support your treatment.

We offer electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapies to relieve pain and muscle spasms in acute conditions. Dr. Wells also uses soft-tissue therapies and deep muscle work along with chiropractic adjustments. We do not have a massage therapist in-office, but we do regularly refer patients to qualified massage therapists in our area.