Exercise & Fitness Training

At Remington Chiropractic, we don’t use unnecessary and expensive exercise equipment. Many of our exercises can be done using only a floor mat, a stability ball, or resistive bands. Our goal is to instruct you in an exercise program that you can continue on your own at home or at the gym.

We target exercises specifically towards your needs, so you’ll see results sooner than from your average gym visit. We will frequently begin by looking for limitations in mobility, strength and coordination by watching you perform 7 fundamental movements (the Functional Movement Screen).
Movement limitations, caused by injuries and chronic poor postures or stresses, create compensations that perpetuate poor movement patterns and often lead to new injuries.

By teaching you how to practice normal movement patterns, we retrain your body to move correctly, thus relieving pain, enhancing movement and helping to prevent future injuries. This approach works so well that many collegiate and professional teams use it to help improve athletic performance and keep their athletes in the game.

Our exercise instruction is one-on-one and can be scheduled with either Dr. Wells or our Exercise Trainer. It is safe and personalized for your current abilities and needs. During an exercise training session, we demonstrate and teach the appropriate movements, stretches and exercises, then have you practice and master them at home. As you improve, additional sessions will help to make your home exercise program more challenging and effective.