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Meet Dr. Wells

Dr. Pamela Wells | Remington Chiropractic

After receiving her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly State University at San Luis Obispo, Dr. Wells knew that she wanted to find a way to help people with their health concerns using natural, holistic and preventive methods. She graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1985 and has been living and practicing in the Sunnyvale area ever since.

Dr. Wells is well known for her thorough consultations and examinations as well as her uncompromising standards. She believes that the best service starts with a thorough understanding of the patient’s condition and health care goals. She uses a variety of chiropractic adjustive techniques and therapies, and chooses those that work best for the patient’s individual needs. She prefers a hands-on approach and uses low-tech procedures that are clinically proven to be effective.

Most importantly, Dr. Wells believes in empowering the patient to take an active role in his or her own care. She takes the time to educate each individual about their condition and teaches them appropriate home care measures as well as exercises to prevent future injuries.

When she’s not in the office, Dr. Wells enjoys playing tennis, learning ballet, gardening, playing the piano and reading. She especially loves outdoor adventures with her family, such as hiking, backpacking, river rafting and canoeing.

Melissa Broquard, Office Manager

Melissa Broquard, Office Manager | Remington Chiropractic

Melissa joined us in June 2012 immediately after graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology. She enjoys using her computer skills to improve office efficiency and communications, but she especially loves working with people. Melissa looks forward to getting to know our patients and learning how best she can help them meet their chiropractic and holistic health care goals.

Melissa grew up in Sunnyvale, just a few minutes away from the office. She had been familiar with chiropractic since childhood, having accompanied family members on their office visits. As an adult, she sought chiropractic care after falling from a horse. With prompt treatment, she was feeling much better and able to get back on the horse the very next day.

Melissa enjoys being outdoors, and spends most of her free time at the barn with her pony Confetti, both riding in the arena and exploring the Santa Cruz trails.

Hannah Flammang & Jessica Yeung – Fitness Trainers, Office Assistants

hannah-110x151Hannah is currently a chiropractic student at Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose. She grew up in Clovis, California and studied Public Health at Cal State Fresno, where she was also an NCAA Student Athlete on the Women’s Equestrian Team. Hannah is set to graduate in December 2017, and hopes to make a positive impact through chiropractic on humans and animals alike. In her free time, she loves riding her horse Georgie, hiking with her dog Piper, and backpacking throughout the mountains of California.

jessica-110x151Jessica is also a chiropractic student at Palmer West. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and studied Environmental Science at the University of British Columbia. After receiving chiropractic treatment for persistent headaches, she became inspired to pursue a chiropractic career herself. She looks forward to empowering patients to live healthier lives through chiropractic treatment and education. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton and ultimate Frisbee, baking and hosting tea parties.